BBQ MasterClassES 2016


Get schooled on how to make the best turkey, ribs, and whole hog in this series of courses taught by the celebrity pitmasters. Each session is approximately 45 minutes long and includes BBQ samples.

Last Year's MasterClasses

Old School vs. New School Brisket

with Scott Roberts of Salt Lick and Haley Riley of Salt + Smoke

Get the lowdown on marbling, trimming, smoking, carving, and everything in between from two of the country’s best brisket makers. Young gun Haley Riley of St. Louis’s own Salt + Smoke and BBQ veteran Scott Roberts of Texas favorite Salt Lick Bar-B-Que will share their secrets for cooking a mouthwatering brisket.

The Ultimate Smoked Turkey

with Garry Roark of Ubon’s and Mike Emerson of Pappy’s

Who better to teach the art of bird smoking than avid turkey hunters and legendary pitmasters Garry Roark of Ubon’s and Mike Emerson of Pappy’s? Longtime pals Garry and Mike will share their wisdom on smoking a fabulous bird with plenty of entertainment along the way. Your newfound knowledge will make you the family hero come Thanksgiving.

World-Class Ribs

with John David Wheeler of Memphis Barbecue Company and John Stage of Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

Step up your rib game with inside tips from four-time Memphis in May Champion John David Wheeler (Memphis Barbecue Company) and best-selling cookbook author John Stage (Dinosaur Bar-B-Que). John and John will school you on everything there is to know about ribs — from selecting a quality cut, to time, temp, and saucing strategy.

Cooking Whole Hog

with Brad Orrison of The Shed

From trimming to injecting to smoking, learn the tricks to cooking whole hog from reigning Memphis in May Grand Champion Brad Orrison. Brad knows a thing or two about BBQ — his Ocean Springs, Mississippi restaurant, The Shed, churns out a ton-and-half of meat every day.