Who’s Who of BBQ



When we first had the idea for Q in the Lou, we knew if we could get the world’s greatest pitmasters together in one location, then there would be meaty magic a-plenty. So we set out to assemble a team so amazing, so knowledgeable, and so well respected that they would be worthy to be called the Legends of the Pit. These pitmasters are the real deal and they have the world championship trophies to prove it. Sink your teeth into their award-winning BBQ at Pit Row. Your taste buds will be forever grateful that you did. 


Carey Bringle

Peg Leg Porker
Nashville, TN

For over a quarter century, Carey has competed at Memphis in May’s World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest, and he has the talent that brings trophies back home to Nashville, where he serves up his signature BBQ and whiskey. 

Menu Items:
Nashville Pork Nachos

Mike Johnson and Christina Fitzgerald

Sugarfire Smokehouse
St. Louis, MO

This power couple has the talent and insight you would expect from two classically trained chefs who saw the light and embraced the unique challenges of achieving smoked excellence. They combine the hallowed traditions of BBQ along with with their one-of-a-kind spin on the craft. 

Menu Items:
Leg of Lamb, Smoked Ribs, Mac and Cheese & World Championship Baked Beans

Leslie Roark Scott & Craig Verhage

Ubons BBQ
Yazoo City, MS

These multi-generational BBQ legends have forgotten more about BBQ than most of us know. It’s all about southern hospitality, and a visit with the Ubon’s crew at Q in the Lou will include a healthy dose of brilliant BBQ, killer bloody marys and stupid good fried chicken.

Menu Items:
Smoke & Torched Chicken,
Turkey Tamales & Bloody Mary Salad


Brad and Brooke Orrison

The Shed Barbeque & Blues Joint
Ocean Springs, MS

This dynamic duo hasn’t met a meat that they couldn’t smoke to perfection. They do everything with a unique flair that reflects their enigmatic and magnetic personas. They invite you to come get fed at The Shed this year at Q in the Lou. 

Menu Items:
World Champion Whole Hog
& Loaded Potato Salad


Mike Emerson

Pappy’s Smokehouse
St. Louis, MO

With the wild success of Pappy’s Smokehouse, Mike is the unofficial face of the BBQ renaissance in St. Louis. He is well-known by BBQ lovers for his two most iconic creations: his glazed, Memphis-inspired ribs and his beard. 

Menu Items:
World Famous Ribs,
Turkey & Pit Beans


Miriam Wilson

The Salt Lick BBQ
Driftwood, TX

Raised in North Carolina (aka Pork Central) and a protégée of Legend of the Pit Scott Roberts, Miriam has mastered a variety of styles and techniques, but her specialty is the open pit brisket brilliance that made Salt Lick famous. 

Menu Items:
Texas Style Pit Brisket,
Sausage & Slaw


John David Wheeler

Memphis Barbecue Company
Horn Lake, MS

The head pitmaster for the much-decorated and widely respected Natural Born Grillers competition team and a partner/pitmaster at the Memphis Barbecue Company, John is one of the most awarded pitmasters in the world. He makes one righteous rack of ribs, and he has the trophies to prove it. 

Menu Items:
Memphis Style Ribs
& Memphis Pit Beans


Jason Ganahl

Denver, CO

After honing his chops in St. Louis’ BBQ hotbed, Jason took his red-hot passion for BBQ to Denver and began to spread the smoked love to the Mile High City. Now he boasts a packed trophy case and a must-visit Denver BBQ joint. 

Menu Items:
Award Winning Chicken Wings,
Brisket & Apple Slaw


Jeff Stehney

Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que
Kansas City, MO

Not only has Jeff won BBQ contests in three separate decades, but he is also the operator of the world's most famous BBQ restaurant, Joe's Kansas City, making him a true legend amongst legends. He has become a BBQ ambassador, spreading the smoked gospel across the world, including here in St. Louis. 

Menu Items:
Kansas City Pork Belly Burnt Ends
& Pork Rinds

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