Jaw Dropping 'Que


Grilling the old standards is great, and sometimes nothing beats a slow smoked rack of ribs or a seared steak. But sometimes you want to whip something up that will have the entire party’s jaws dropping and mouths watering, so the Legends of the Pit have gotten together with Green Mountain Grills to bring you Quick Cuts at Q in the Lou. 

Throughout the entire weekend, we’ll be inviting each Legend of the Pit on stage so they can showcase the top secret, no-holds-barred recipes they use when they want to bring out the big guns. Keep your eyes peeled for these BBQ conversations and learn how they found the inspiration for these outlandish creations. 

Keep scrolling down to see the full schedule of the Green Mountain Grills Quick Cuts. 

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2018 Schedule


Friday, September 21


6:30pm: Mark Renaud (Pappy's Smokehouse) - Herb Encrusted Beef Tenderloin With Green Peppercorn Cream Sauce
7:00pm: Leslie Roark (Ubon's BBQ) - Portobello Mushrooms

Saturday, September 22


12:00pm: Mike Johnson & Christina Fitzgerald (Sugarfire Smokehouse) - Tomahawk Ribeye
2:30pm: John David Wheeler (Memphis BBQ Co.) - Strauss Meats Lamb Chops
5:00pm: Miriam Wilson (The Salt Lick BBQ) - Smoked Prime Rib
5:30pm: Big Moe Cason (Ponderosa BBQ) - Raspberry Chipotle Pork Belly

Sunday, September 23


12:30pm: Carey Bringle (Peg Leg Porker) - Thick Cut Pork Chops
1:00pm: Brad Orrison (The Shed) - Snake River Farms Wagyu Strip Loin

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